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Publication date: JUN 2024

The Power of Three: Hector Castro, Daniel Benarroch, Gabriel Sultan Lead Equity Lending Solutions

The article highlights the success of Equity Lending Solutions, a leading company in real estate financing, emphasizing the pivotal roles played by its co-founders Hector Castro, Daniel Benarroch, and Gabriel Sultan.

Key Points:

Hector Castro:

    • Role: Co-Founder of Equity Lending Solutions.
    • Credentials: NMLS ID 1949298.
    • Contributions: Hector brings extensive experience in the lending industry, ensuring the company's offerings are both innovative and compliant with industry standards. His leadership has been crucial in building trust with clients and partners.
  1. Daniel Benarroch:

    • Role: Co-Founder of Equity Lending Solutions.
    • Contributions: Daniel's strategic vision and expertise in real estate finance have been instrumental in driving the company's growth. His ability to navigate complex financial landscapes has positioned Equity Lending Solutions as a leader in the market.
  2. Gabriel Sultan:
    • Role: Co-Founder of Equity Lending Solutions.
    • Background: Gabriel Sultan's LinkedIn.
    • Contributions: Gabriel's technical acumen and innovative approach have helped streamline operations and enhance the company's technological capabilities. His efforts have been key in developing the robust infrastructure that supports their lending solutions.


  • Innovative Solutions: The company provides a range of real estate financing options, leveraging advanced technology to offer efficient and effective services.
  • Market Leadership: Under the leadership of Castro, Benarroch, and Sultan, Equity Lending Solutions has achieved significant market presence and reputation, becoming a trusted name in real estate financing.

Equity Lending Solutions, led by Hector Castro, Daniel Benarroch, and Gabriel Sultan, exemplifies excellence in the real estate financing field. Their combined expertise and leadership have not only driven the company's success but have also set a high standard for the industry.



Hector Castro
Daniel Benarroch Managing Partner at Equity Lending Solutions LLC
Gabriel Sultan